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[Le cordong orange plan memo (2)] 作黨 again
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날 짜 2009-09-23 13:59:12
조 회 9,742

" so i think thesedays the level of japanese resrant in korea must be get higher and higher
if you come to japan , tokyo , to look around the restaurant, for next your business, please let me know
i have some reastaurant , which may give you the idea
then we need look around each other.each country"

"yes i guess so,and the point is how much we need to close to the japanese taste
there are two choice, one is make sheer japanese one, and two is make copy and create japanese (we call it japanese style) sense of space to eat
if you like , let me introduce you some restaurant's HP,wich people loves very much nowadays,  you can feel the atomospher, and what people like"

Takuya 군과의 메신저 대화 중

Who is takuya ?

 아름다운.황  (2009-10-17 17:58:44 /   
To me, japanese restaurant makes feeling something like 'Too complicated'. And the sheer japanese atmosphere had become too ordinary in 2009. it was so fresh in 1980s. Both feeling japanese food are too complicated I do feel it is something rawish.
Rawish is something like JaeJu Olleh road. nature itself.
So I think japanese restaurant need to become more raw.
If you need more idea about raw, you can find some insight from Book; UnitasBrand Vol7.
 김세환  (2010-09-24 12:20:47 /   
헛.. 영어를 못하신다고 하셨던것같은데..
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